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Our company is a strategic partner of Ganz Engineering and Energy Production Machinery Limited Liability Company (Ganz EEPM).
We have implemented several successful projects in the world.
We offer our knowledge in terms of study in order to maximize the return on investment of the customers and partners giving the possibility to realize partially or completely the preliminary studies taking in account not only the equipment design but also the civil engineering from the water intake to the restitution.
• Francis
• Pelton
• Kaplan
• Automation and regulation (ComAp)
• Accessories
• Hydro Mechanical equipment
Design and manufacture of nuclear power plant fuel handling machines and hydro-machinery.
Ganz EEPM offers products, services and solutions in four areas of business:
• Nuclear power plant machinery
• Pumps
• Turbines
• Other hydraulic equipment

Project development

Sulico offers its knowledge in terms of study in order to maximize the return on investment of its customers and partners giving the possibility to realize partially or completely the preliminary studies taking in account not only the equipment design but also the civil engineering from the water intake to the restitution.

Projects and designs

The high complexity of hydro power projects requires the cooperation of large number of experts form various fields. Our company combines knowledge as geology, seismology, hydrology, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electronics, energetics, telecommunications, sensor technology and much more. Sulico performs general hydroelectrical plant producing the detailed engineering designs of the mechanical and electrical part including automation.
We provide studies and engineering executive for:

    • Energy recovers with rotation parts in new profile for all kind of turbine runners
    • Renovation of old plants and equipment
   • Making reverse engineering
    • Provide flow numerical calculations
    • Perform simulations on a mathematical model of plant

Turn-key systems

Our company can propose to the energy market its capability in the engineering construction, installation, assemble, and commissioning of small power plants including:

    • Electro mechanical equipment (EM)
    • Hydro mechanical equipment (HM)
    • Cooling water system
    • Drainage system
    • HVAC
    • Oil handling system
    • Compressed air system
    • Fire protection system
    • Pressure penstock derivations channels, tunnels and other kinds of       transmission water
    • Intake, power houses and other civil works
    • Assemble, installation and commissioning
    • Service, maintenance, revamping

After-sales service

With the main objective of uninterruptible electricity generation and optimization of the power plant as a relatively complex issue, we assure:

    • Warranty period includes annual maintenance and wear parts
    • Delivery of spare parts
    • Remote control support, daily
    • Yearly update of parameters according to past year operation
    • Possible corrections via modem (internet connection)
    • Damage analysis
    • Natural frequency analyses

Mini Hydro Power Station
Output range: max. 1 MW A BRAND NEW PRODUCT Ganz EEPM developed a mini Hydro power station settled in standard containers which can be used in mountainous countries like Pakistan, Indonesia, Canada.
Main advantages of the system: short delivery time, minor excavation work requirement easy and fast installation easy to expand modular control system, from the most simple up to the high standard remote control through satellite.
The company has strong connections in the Southern Asian region especially in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand. The Asian headquarters are located in Jakarta.
We help companies to find business opportunities in the region. We offer services in organizations of meetings, events, workshops, trainings.
trade fair shows and expo
We help and support Hungarian companies to participate in trade fair shows and expo opportunities held in Indonesia. We provide full service for an expo.

The next upcoming expo is at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran on 4-7, December 2019.
Manufacturing machinery, equipment, materials and services.
Manufacturing Indonesia
Please contact us to get detailed information about the Indonesian network of companies.
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Research boosts knowledge

Keeping the pace with an accelerated world, research has to be extremely time efficient, and sharp

Moon42 has opened the scientific platform wider to make sure, that we collect knowledge from various parts of the technical world, with an interdisciplinary approach we effectively utilize knowledge and experience to get the best out of our researches for the benefit of our clients.
Our research projects cover the following areas:
  • application and installation of the newest technologies into everyday processes
  • effective IT-tool based communication
  • precise information targeting
  • improved software and code quality
Development itself is not always enough, sometimes it is necessary to break out of the given frames. Since 2002, our collegues have started and completed several successful R&D projects.
Research partners
Budapest University of Technology and Economics → Software Innovation Pole Cluster →


20 years of developing routine

Our colleagues have been in the cutting edge of development since 2000. We were among the first few developers who became professionals in many uniquely innovative technologies.


CMS / Vignette
We were the the only East European company, who did the research and development of the basics of content management as Vignette's partners.
We had already developed rapid prototyping frameworks between 1999 and 2001, way before the Hungarian competitors or the market trends.
Code analysis and refactoring
In the field of code-quality improvements, we pioneered new approaches and developed trend-setting qualitative applications.
Platforms, methods, tools, languages employed
Java, SCRUM, .NET, C#, J2EE, Mobile Technologies, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, VmWare
Full project management
Exploration, localization and segmentation of problems: Demand analysis, Requirement identification, Planning, Developing/Coding, Quality Assurance, Test development, Testing, Documentation, Education/Training, Support, Aftercare
Our Development Partners
Mondia Media Group
Magyar Nemzeti Bank
Közbeszerzési Hatóság
Magyar Lapterjesztő Zrt.
Sony Music

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